Brand Studio EMEA is focused on building the Google brand. We’re a small team of creatives, designers, strategists, producers and engineers who work together to make things that have a positive impact for Google.

3 mobile screens showing the Pride @ Google home page and story page

Pride @ Google - Space to Belong • A celebration of all those creating inclusive spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Interactive website, experiential

The remains of over a dozen ancient pyramids clustered together in the desert.

Pyramids of Meroë • Uncover a city with over 200 pyramids. This is Meroë, the ancient capital of the Kushite Kingdom, in Sudan's Nile Valley.

Interactive website, experiential, film

Illustration of a cat petted by a pencil in front of large letter M

The A-Z of AI • A project to help people make sense of Artificial Intelligence, in partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute.

Website, books & experiential

Teach from Anywhere logo

Teach from Anywhere • A hub that gives teachers and families the tools they need to keep students learning remotely during the pandemic.

Website, digital resource

auditorial logo

Auditorial • An experiment in storytelling that can adapt to suit blind and low vision users.

Interactive website, experiential

A photograph of Mattia, the bookseller riding a bicycle on a street

The Bicycling Bookseller • The story of a bookseller who used Google Maps to reach readers in lockdown across the city of Turin, Italy.

Film & feature article

Playful animation of "Bauhaus is everywhere" collection name

Bauhaus Everywhere • A celebration of the Bauhaus design school and its lasting influence on everyday life.

Animated films & social media campaign

Golden statue of Muscleman by Jean-Antoine Houdon over black text on white backgound

Museum Island: The History Of Us • Taking human history out of the past and into the present, in partnership with Museum Island.

Social media campaign

Drone view of Petra

Petra • A virtual tour through time’s forgotten city.

Street View interactive audio-guided tour, Cardboard

Dramatic pose of ballerina lying down on stage under fake snow and holding a microphone

Performing Arts • Performances from the world’s greatest artists and venues, brought to life in people’s homes.

Digital exhibition, interactive website

Efdaluddin wearing VR headset to view Soraya's calligraphy message in 3D

Soraya’s story • The story of a young artist using technology to reimagine an ancient tradition.

Short film

Picture of two men on top of building roof against morning sky setting up pollution measurement devices

Helpful stories • Human stories about the amazing things our users are achieving with a little help from Google.

Short films & feature articles

An older man and young boy walking on a ravaged city street with destroyed buildings all around

Searching for Syria • Exploring the world’s top questions around the Syrian refugee crisis, in partnership with UNHCR.

Immersive web experience

Calligraphy style green Qalam logo created using a Google Tilt Brush

Qalam • Digital greeting cards to help celebrate Ramadan or Eid, in partnership with nine world-class artists.

Responsive web app & site

Woman wearing VR headset and standing in front of marble busts and light projection display

Grand Tour of Italy • An immersive trip through Italian culture and its unique history.

Digital exhibition