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The A-Z of AI

AI often sounds like a highly scientific subject; there’s a lot of material out there, but it’s not always easy to understand. We collaborated with the Oxford Internet Institute to create the A-Z of AI, a series of entry-level explainers that will help anyone get their bearings and understand the basics.
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Four illustrations for letters A for AI, T for Turing test, Open for Open source and Z for zeros and ones.
Transition style from homepage to article
Page layouts on mobile device
Illustration and article layout in printed book format
Printed poster of the 26 illustrated letters of the alphabet and one liner overview each


Concept, design and build:
Google Brand Studio EMEA
Content/copy creation:
Google Brand Studio EMEA and Oxford Internet Institute
Hannah Jacobs
Strange Beast and Animade
Stink Studios and Beyond
Book design:
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