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Pyramids of Meroë

Sudan is home to more pyramids than anywhere else in the world. But few people know Sudan even has pyramids at all. Through an immersive 3D site and WebXR experience you can uncover the unique pyramids of Meroë, wherever you are.
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A photo from above of over 20 pyramids in the desert
Multiple browser windows displaying the mobile design of the Pyramids of Meroë website
A scroll through of the experience, starting above the field of pyramids and zooming down to ground level to focus on a single pyramid.
Three captures of an augmented reality experience, showing someone exploring a pyramid in their own physical environment.
An animation showing a user accessing an augmented reality pyramid through Google Search


Concept, design and build: 
Google Brand Studio EMEA
Filming, photography and Street View capture:
3D modelling:
Draw & Code
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