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The Bicycling Bookseller

With a little help from his trusty bike, bookseller Mattia Garavaglia safely delivered the joy of reading to hundreds of customers in lockdown. His only issue was efficiency — Mattia travelled using a hand drawn map, limiting the number of deliveries he could make, until a friend suggested he try the new cycling feature on Google Maps. This story is part of a series we work on, about people who are achieving remarkable things using Google technology.
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A short video of Mattia bicycling around the city
Page layouts on mobile device
A photograph of Mattia, the bookseller riding a bicycle on a street
A photograph of Mattia outside the bookstore, inside the bookstore, and a closeup of the books


Concept, design:
Google Brand Studio EMEA
Production Company:
Panorama Films
Daniel Sitts
Jon Zames
David McMurry
Collin Kriner
Moving Picture Company
Jungle Studios
Hello Monday
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